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DECEMBER 04, 2022:     
Lakeshore Records will release vinyl version of BEING THE RICARDOS next year. So far no specific release date has been announced and this post will be updated as soon as there is more news to report...

DECEMBER 04, 2022:     
Daniel Pemberton goes behind the scenes of AMSTERDAM in the latest episode of The Big Score. You can check it on youtube. In the meantime the movie will be also released on DVD, BD and 4K next Tuesday.




NOVEMBER 23, 2022:     
Daniel has co-scored (with Toydrum) upcoming 2nd season of SLOW HORSES, which will return to Apple TV+ on December 2nd. In other news he discussed collaborating with David O. Russell on AMSTERDAM with Gold Derby in recently published interview:

OCTOBER 26, 2022:     
Only one week left until Neflix premieres ENOLA HOLMES 2 and soundtrack album has just been announced by Milan Records. While digital version will be available next week, the CD will follow on November 18th and can be already pre-ordered from Amazon DE.



OCTOBER 11, 2022:     
Hollywood Records has launched new series, where composers discuss their works. In today's episode Daniel goes behind the scenes of SEE HOW THEY RUN. To find out more about the series and upcoming episodes (including AMSTERDAM), check Variety.

OCTOBER 06, 2022:     
AMSTERDAM soundtrack album will be released tomorrow - including 80 minutes of original score + original song Time. Daniel was also interviewed at the London premiere and you can check the interview below. The movie opens worldwide tomorrow.



OCTOBER 06, 2022:     
Netflix has released first trailer for upcoming ENOLA HOLMES 2, which is set for release on November 4th. More details will be added as soon as available - including highly anticipated soundtrack album...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2022:     
AMSTERDAM premiered this week and Daniel was interviewed by Variety, Epic Records has also released the film's theme song Time co-composed by Daniel, Giveon Evans, Jahaan Sweet and Aubrey Drake Graham. The film opens worldwide on October 7th.





SEPTEMBER 15, 2022:     
Hollywood Records will release Daniel Pemberton's score for SEE HOW THEY RUN tomorrow. The album includes roughly 65 minutes of the original score. Check out the project's page by clicking on the image below for album details, credits and samples..

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022:     
Daniel and director Tom George discussed their collaboration on UK's nr. 1 this past week SEE HOW THEY RUN. The audio podcast also includes number of clips from the score. The movie opens in US cinemas this Friday. Soundtrack album is expected then.





AUGUST 07, 2022:     
Daniel has completed his score for David O. Russell's AMSTERDAM. The film follows three friends who witness a murder and uncover one of the most bizare plots in American history. AMSTERDAM will be released on October 7 by Walt Disney Studios.

AUGUST 07, 2022:      
WSA has announced their nominees . Daniel has been nominated as Film Composers of the Year and also for Strange Game from SLOW HORSES. The winners will be announced at the Music Centre De Bijloke in Ghent, Belgium on October 22, 2022.





AUGUST 02, 2022:     
New interview with Daniel Pemberton has been released by The Filmumentaries Podcast. In the meantime Daniel has been also recording his "secret" new score at Abbey Road and also posted two brief teasers (1, 2). Everything will be revealed soon...

JULY 03, 2022:     
Daniel has recently completed scoring ENOLA HOLMES 2. So far no release date has been annouced but the movie is expected to be released later this year by Netflix. Check a few clips from the recording sessions on Daniel's twitter page.





JULY 03, 2022:     
Murder mystery SEE HOW THEY RUN will be released on September 9th featuring original music by Daniel Pemberton who scored the movie earlier this year. Check the trailer for the Tom George movie with stellar cast led by Sam Rockwell below.

JUNE 24, 2022:     
Daniel Pemberton's score from Sundance London Audience Price winner BRIAN AND CHARLES has been released digitally by 1812 Recordings. The movie will debut in UK cinemas on July 8th.





APRIL 29, 2022:     
Daniel's score for SLOW HORSES Season 1 is available now from Polydor. The album features selection from the score as well as opening song co-composed by Daniel and Mick Jagger. Learn more about their collaboration in this article.


APRIL 09, 2022:     
Daniel Pemberton and Gary Go composed new original song for opening credits of Netflix's second season of GREEN EGGS AND HAM, performed by Yola. The series is scored by David Newman and is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide.




APRIL 03, 2022:     
Daniel co-composed original theme song for SLOW HORSES TV Series together with Mick Jagger. You can watch the music video for the song on youtube below and also learn more about the actual process in these interview with Daniel and Mick.

MARCH 17, 2022:     
Dreamworks' THE BAD GUYS has been finally released in U.S. as well and you can go behind the scenes with this video and read the article from Jon Burlingame. Soundtrack album will be available digitally soon courtesy of Back Lot Music.





JANUARY 28, 2022:     
Daniel reunited with Christopher Miller scoring his series THE AFTERPARTY for Apple TV, which debuted on January 22nd. Soundtrack album is in the works and you can learn about more about the project in these articles from Variety and Screen Rant.


JANUARY 24, 2022:     
A couple of articles have been released in connection with Daniel's Golden Globe nomination for BEING THE RICARDOS by Variety, The Spool and AwardsDaily. The score is also available now and you can check a few behind the scenes videos: 1, 2, 3.



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