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(v) 2024-06-12: Daniel Pemberton and Toydrum (‘Slow Horses’ composers): ‘I wanted a very live, rustic, slightly homemade quality to the score’ (Gold Derby)
(a) 2024-04-29: ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Composer Daniel Pemberton Announces U.S. Concert Tour, Talks His Groundbreaking Score (The Hollywood Reporter)
(a) 2024-03-08: FERRARI: Entretien avec Daniel Pemberton (Aurélien Allin)
(p) 2024-02-25: Five Under 90 Minute Films with Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2024-02-20: Daniel Pemberton - What's In My Bag? (Amoeba)
(v) 2024-01-13: The Music of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | The #DolbyInstitute Podcast (Jon Burlingame)
(v) 2024-01-10: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Film Score with Daniel Pemberton | My Name Is... Miles Morales (Sony Pictures Animation)

(v) 2023-12-22: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | The Film Score with Daniel Pemberton | "Start a Band" (Sony Pictures Animation)
(v) 2023-12-06: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Vinyl Unboxing with Composer Daniel Pemberton (SonySoundtracksVEVO)
(v) 2023-12-05: Across the Spiderverse LIVE orchestra, Metro Boomin & Daniel Pemberton at the Academy! (Shot, Drawn & Cut)
(v) 2023-11-03: Reddit AMA: Daniel Pemberton | Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Original Score) (SonySoundtracksVEVO)
(v) 2023-10-07: Daniel Pemberton shares some tracks we missed - I Gotta Hear This (by Austin Wintory)
(rs) 2023-10-06: SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE - Creating the Score With Daniel Pemberton (SonyAnimation)
(v) 2023-10-03: Daniel Pemberton interview at Mediterrane Film Festival 2023, Malta (TheUpcoming)
(a) 2023-09-29: Soundtrack to the Spider-Verse: how Daniel Pemberton made the year’s best superhero score (NME)
(rs) 2023-09-15: Music for the multiverse: The Spider-Man composer revolutionising blockbusters (ITVNews)
(a) 2023-09-15: Across the Spider-Verse composer on missed Easter eggs and why the third film will be even more complicated (Gamesradar)
(p) 2023-10-13: Empire Podcast #581 (Live From The London Podcast Festival) — Celine Song, Daniel Pemberton (Empire Online)
(v) 2023-08-18: Take a deep dive into all the sonic universes of the #SpiderVerse with composer @DANIELPEMBERTON 's all-access @Reddit AMA! (Sony Soundtracks)
(a) 2023-08-16: Hi. I’m Daniel Pemberton and I’ve written music for Oscar winning films, iconic TV series... (Reddit)
(v) 2023-08-15: A Musical Multiverse Was Created for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Fandom)
(a) 2023-07-06: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Composer on Creating Musical Variety for the Animated Sequel, Plus The Afterparty Season 2 (Below the Line)
(v) 2023-07-05: Daniel Pemberton (Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse) Full Interview (The Score Podcast)
(p) 2023-06-26: Daniel Pemberton on Scoring Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: “I’m More Like a Ninja” (The Spool, Clint Worthington)
(a) 2023-06-21: Behind the Score for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: “Let’s Just Throw Everything at This” (Consequence Film)
(p) 2023-06-13: Interview Special: Daniel Pemberton Talks Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Fade to Black)
(v) 2023-06-13: Breaking Down The Score with Composer Daniel Pemberton | Spider Man: Across The Spider-Verse | 2023 (The Movie Podcast)
(p) 2023-06-12: Episode 372: Daniel Pemberton On Music Of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Soundtracking with Edith Bowman)
(a) 2023-06-12: “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” Composer Daniel Pemberton Reveals a Few Score Secrets (The Credits)
(p) 2023-06-12: Interview: Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks About the Intricate Score of ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ (Awards Radar)
(a) 2023-06-12: “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” Composer Daniel Pemberton Reveals a Few Score Secrets (The Credits / Motion Picture Association)
(a) 2023-06-09: ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Composer Breaks Down the Emotional, Futuristic Themes for Gwen, Spider-Man India and More (Variety)
(v) 2023-06-08: The Unique Way 'Across The Spider-Verse’s' Music Was Made (feat. Composer Daniel Pemberton) (ReelBlend Podcast)
(a) 2023-06-06: Interview with Daniel Pemberton – "I feel like I'm building my own orchestra on each film" (A Vos Marques Tapage, David-Emmanuel)
(v) 2023-06-04: Daniel Pemberton on Spider-Man: across the Spider-Verse, distinct soundscapes, actor chemistry (The Upcoming)
(a) 2023-06-04: An Interview with Daniel Pemberton (The Film Scorer)
(v) 2023-06-02: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Daniel Pemberton on Techno Nights, Primal Screams & more (HeyUGuys)
(a) 2023-06-02: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks Multiversal Music (Screen Rant)
(v) 2023-06-01: Daniel Pemberton Talks Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse On The Red Carpet (Screen Rant Plus)
(a) 2023-05-30: The ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Score Even Features a Goose (Rolling Stone)
(p) 2023-05:10: In The Seats With....Daniel Pemberton, Toydrum and 'Slow Horses' (In the Seats)
(p) 2023-05-06: 'Yesterday' - Daniel Pemberton | Behind The Screen (THR Podcast)

(v) 2022-11-29: Daniel Pemberton on New Regency's Amsterdam | The Big Score (Hollywood Records)
(v) 2022-11-22: Daniel Pemberton ('Amsterdam' composer) on working with Drake, Giveon to create original song 'Time' (Gold Derby)
(v) 2022-09-29: Red Carpet Revelations with Daniel Pemberton | ‘Amsterdam’ Europe Premiere (Hollywood Insider)
(v) 2022-09:20: Amsterdam - Daniel Pemberton - Composer (VarietyRadioOnline)
(p) 2022-09-13: Soundtracking: Episode 324: Tom George & Daniel Pemberton On The Music Of See How They Run (by Edith Bowman)
(p) 2022-07-??: The Filmumentaries Podcast: 55 - Daniel Pemberton - Film Composer
(v) 2022-06-27: Screen Rant Plus: Daniel Pemberton Intervview: The Afterparty & Slow Horses
(a) 2022-06-26: Below the Line: Composer Daniel Pemberton on Scoring the Apple TV+ Shows The Afterparty and Slow Horses, Plus the Animated Pic The Bad Guys
(a) 2022-06-10: Daniel Pemberton Talks The Afterparty, Slow Horses (by Danielle Solzman)
(v) 2022-05-20: Forbidden Worlds Film Festival: Composer Daniel Pemberton introduces Blade Runner
(v) 2022-05-09: Deadline Hollywood: ‘Welcome To Earth’ Used Sounds Composer Daniel Pemberton Never Used Before (by Anthony D'Alessandro)
(v) 2022-05-02: Deadline Hollywood: ‘The Afterparty’ Composer Daniel Pemberton Created 10 Themes, Talks 'Slow Horses' with Mick Jagger
(rs) 2022-04-09: Nu Metro: Daniel Pemberton, composer of 'The Bad Guys' explains his musical journey
(v) 2022-01-22: Gold Derby: 'Being the Ricardos' composer Daniel Pemberton on capturing 'this slightly doomed love story'
(p) 2022-01-14: The Spool: Daniel Pemberton on capturing the Golden Age sweep of Being the Ricardos (by Clint Worthington)
(a) 2022-01-08: Awards Radar: Interview: Academy Award Nominee Daniel Pemberton Talks Composing During COVID and ‘Being the Ricardos’

(v) 2021-11-12: Gold Derby: Daniel Pemberton ('The Rescue' composer): 'If you can believe, believe in the impossible'
(v) 2021-11-21: Gold Derby: How composer Daniel Pemberton found the right theme for Aaron Sorkin's 'Being the Ricardos'
(v) 2021-11-18: WSA Industry Days 2021 | Composer’s Talk: Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2021-10-23: WSAwards 2021: Daniel Pemberton's Acceptance Speech for Film Composer of the Year
(a) 2021-04-19: Screen Daily: My Screen Life: UK composer Daniel Pemberton talks biggest mistake and ‘Spider-Verse 2’ (by Mark Salisbury)
(v) 2021-04-19: The SCL: Daniel Pemberton on Writing Modern Protest Music | SCL Screening Interviews
(a) 2021-04-19: Discussing Film: Daniel Pemberton Talks His Oscar Nomination and Teases ‘Into The Spider-Verse 2’ – Exclusive Interview (by Beatrine Shahzad)
(a) 2021-02: Soundtrax: Catching up with Daniel Pemberton (by Randall D. Larson)
(v) 2021-01-14: GoSeeTalk: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 Interview - Daniel Pemberton

(a) 2020-12-08: SonySoundtracksVEVO: Daniel Pemberton - Score to Screen with Daniel Pemberton (Enola Holmes)
(a) 2020-10-15: SonySoundtracksVEVO: Daniel Pemberton - Scoring "Enola Holmes" - Train Escape | Composer Commentary
(a) 2020-10-13: SonySoundtracksVEVO: Daniel Pemberton - Scoring "Enola Holmes" | Composer Commentary
(v) 2020-06-18: Epicleff Media: Inventive film composer Daniel Pemberton is always experimenting to create new sounds (hosted by R. Kraft & K. Holmes)
(a) 2020-06-15: The Guardian: The end of credits: why doesn't Netflix want us to watch them? (BY DANIEL PEMBERTON)
(p) 2020-06-17: SCORE: The Podcast: S3E7 | Daniel Pemberton doesn't play by the rules (hosted by Robert Kraft & Kenny Holmes) (spotify backup - starts at 34:02)
(v) 2020-04-06 Composer Coffee Break 4: Daniel Pemberton and David Arnold (hosted by Michael Price)
(a) 2020-02-25 ‘Birds of Prey’ Composer Daniel Pemberton on Scoring a Roller Skating Action Scene and Writing Music Worthy of Harley Quinn [Interview]
(a) 2020-02-24 Composer Daniel Pemberton Interview: Birds of Prey (by Zak Wojnar)
(a) 2020-02-14: Collider: ‘Birds of Prey’ Composer Daniel Pemberton on Fighting for Experimentation in His Work
(v) 2020-01-30: Get Your Comic On: BIRDS OF PREY - World Premiere - Daniel Pemberton Interview
(v)  2020-01-11: Golden Globes: 77th Golden Globes Red Carpet: Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2020-01-09: Pacific Rim Video Press: Golden Globe Red Carpet Nominee Composer Daniel Pemberton of "Motherless Brooklyn"

(p) 2019-11-27: Deadline: Motherless Brooklyn Composer D.P. on Creating a Noir Film Score from a Unique Angle
(a) 2019-11-26: The Face: Daniel Pemberton on his Best Scores
(a) 2019-08-30: Film Music Magazine: Daniel Pemberton Interview
(p) 2019-06-29 BBC Radio 3: Sound of Cinema, Daniel Pemberton
(p) 2019-06-28: The Hollywood Reporter: 'Yesterday' Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks Recording Beatles Classics in 'Behind the Screen' Podcast
(p) 2019-04-25: M Magazine: Interview Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2019-04-15: Music News: Daniel Pemberton I Interview

(p) 2018-12-22: The Annotator: Daniel Pemberton: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
(v) 2018-12-08: LRM Online: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse: Red Carpet Interview Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2018-12-02: Mulderville: Spider-man Into The Spider Verse LA World Premiere - Itw Daniel Pemberton (official video)
(v) 2018-08-16: Gold Derby: Daniel Pemberton (USS Callister Composer) on complicated Black Mirror Score (by Zach Laws)
(p)  2018-06-24: Sound of the Movies: Conversation with Daniel Pemberton (by Michael Hollands)
(a) 2018-06-16: Pop Disciple: Daniel Pemberton (by Paul Goldowitz)
(a) 2018-06-15: Deadline: How Composer Daniel Pemberton Brought Funk to Ocean's 8 (by Anthony D'Alessandro)
(p) 2018-06-15: Soundtracking: Episode 93: Composer Daniel Pemberton on Ocean's 8, Molly's Game, King Arthur & More (by Edith Bowman)
(a) 2018-06-11: Billboard: How Ocean's 8 Composer Daniel Pemberton Captured the Series' 'Swager' while Crafting his Own Sound (by Bianca Gracie)
(p) 2018-04-30: KUSC: Film Music is Exploding in Prague (by Tim Grieving) (starts at 13:50)
(a) 2018-01-16: Market Watch: Movie Composer Daniel Pemberton on how to score movies about money (by Tom Teodorczuk)
(p) 2018-01-08: Deadline Hollywood: How Composer Daniel Pemberton Brought Class to All the Money in the World (by Anthony D'Alessandro)

(a) 2017-12-27 The Wall Street Journal: Most at Home Outside his Comfort Zone (by Jim Fussili)
(a) 2017-12-22 Billboard: Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks working with Ridley Scott on All the Money in the World (by Melinda Newman)
(rs) 2017-12-21 All the Money In the World: Behind the Music
(a) 2017-12-20 Film Music Magazine: Interview with Daniel Pemberton (by Daniel Schweiger)
(p) 2017-12-12 The Annotator: Daniel Pemberton: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (BONUS TRACK)
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(p) 2017-06-?? The Annotator: Daniel Pemberton: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Ep. 1)
(a) 2017-05-16 Reddit: Daniel Pemberton Livechat
(rs) 2017-05-30 Water Tower Music: King Arthur In the Studio - Making of the Score
(rs) 2017-01-03 The Music of Gold - Score by Daniel Pemberton

(v) 2016-12-31 Gold Talk with Director Stephen Gaghan & Composer Daniel Pemberton - December 7, 2016
(a) 2016-12-21 Mulderville: Daniel Pemberton's Interview for Gold and his career
(v) 2016-12-11 Film Music Media: ETM-LA 11th Annual Gala: Daniel Pemberton (by Kaya Savas)
(v) 2016-12-08 Scenester TV: Composer Daniel Pemberton Interviews at ETM-LA Education through Music Benefit in Los Angeles
(p) 2016-11-29 BAFTA: Daniel Pemberton | Conversations with Screen Composers
(v) 2016-09-25 Spitfire Audio: Spitfire Round Table - Ty Unwin, Daniel Pemberton and Christian Henson
(v) 2016-08-01 Spitfire Audio: Creative Cribs - Daniel Pemberton (by Christian Henson)
(p) 2016-07-16 Cinema World: Interview with Daniel Pemberton (by Anne Kahnwald)
(a) 2016-07-06 Billboard: Daniel Pemberton Talks working with Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle & more (by Melinda Newman)
(a) 2016-04-11: Soundtrax: Daniel Pemberton on Scoring Uncles & Apples (by Randall D. Larson)
(v) 2016-01-12 Pacific Rim Video Press: Daniel Pemberton Music Composer of Steve Jobs at the Golden Globe Awards 2016
(v) 2016-01-11 ScreenSlam: Steve Jobs Daniel Pemberton Exclusive Interview Golden Globe Awards 2016
(v) 2016-01-10 TNT America Latin: Golden Globe Awards 2016 Entrevista a Daniel Pemberton

(rs) 2015-12-16 ASCAP: Daniel Pemberton: Making of the Steve Jobs Score
(a) 2015-11-18 Clashmusic: Daniel Pemberton Scoring Steve Jobs
(v) 2015-11-19 Film Fest Ghent: World Soundtrack Awards 2015 The Awakening by Daniel Pemberton
(v) 2015-11-17 Film Fest Ghent: World Soundtrack Awards 2015: Steve Jobs by Daniel Pemberton
(a) 2015-11-13 Popmatters: A Symphony in Three Parts: Breaking down the Steve Jobs score with Composer Daniel Pemberton (by Cory Woodroof)
(v) 2015-10-23 Red Carpet News Flash: Composer Daniel Pemberton Interview Steve Jobs Premiere
(a) 2015-10-22 Tribeca: Steve Jobs composer Daniel Pemberton on creating a Score... (by Kiko Martinez)
(v) 2015-10-18 HeyUGuys: Composer Daniel Pemberton - Steve Jobs Premiere
(p) 2015-10-16 Movie Geeks United: The Art of the Score: Daniel Pemberton
(a) 2015-10-13 Huffington Post: Daniel Pemberton on Composing the Score for Steve Jobs (by Nell Minow)
(v) 2015-10-04 ScreenSlam: Steve Jobs: Daniel Pemberton Movie Premiere Interview
(v) 2015-10-04 Film Society of Lincoln Center - Daniel Pemberton Steve Jobs Red Carpet NYFF53
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(v) 2015-08-31 Film Fest Ghent: WSA 2014 Daniel Pemberton Acceptance Speech
(v) 2015-08-17 Cinezik: Interview Daniel Pemberton (Cartel / The Counselor)
(a) 2015-08-15 Sounds of Spycraft: The Secrets behind The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s Gnarly, Retro-Rock Soundtrack
(rs) 2015-08-15 Dave Heath (bass flute) plays on Daniel Pemberton Man from UNCLE Live Session
(rs) 2015-08-11 The Man from UNCLE Featurette - Behind the Music
(a) 2015-08-09 We Are Movie Geeks: Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks his Score for Guy Ritchie's The Man from UNCLE (by Michelle Hannett)
(p) 2015-08-07 Film Music Media: Composer Interview: Daniel Pemberton (by Kaya Savas)
(a) 2015-08-06 Henry Cavill: Composer Daniel Pemberton chats Henry Cavill, Musical Inspirate and UNCLE soundtrack
(a) 2015-08-05 Film Music Magazine: Interview with Daniel Pemberton (by Daniel Schweiger)
(rs) 2015-01-14 Milan Records: Daniel Pemberton - The Counselor - Making of the Score

(v) 2014-11-07 Cinématographe: Daniel Pemberton about Ridley Scott

(v) 2013-10-30 DP/30: The Counselor, Composer Daniel Pemberton
(p) 2013-10-25 Film Music Media: Composer Interview Daniel Pemberton (by Kaya Savas)
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(a) 2013-09-23 M Magazine: Interview Daniel Pemberton

(rs) 2012-10-25 X5MusicGroup: Recording Orb of Dreamers - Little Big Planet - Clip & Interview Daniel Pemberton
(a) 2012-08-09 We Create Music: Daniel Pemberton on The Awakening
(v) 2012-07-04 FXpansion: In the Studio with Daniel Pemberton
(rs) 2012-06-09 Chloe Pemberton: The Awakening (Short Talk) Daniel Pemberton

(v) 2011-05-20 ThinkWorkPlay: Dan Pemberton Think V2
(v) 2011-05-20 ThinkWorkPlay: Dan Pemberton Work V2
(v) 2011-05-20 ThinkWorkPlay: Dan Pemberton Play V2
(v) 2011-05-20 ThinkWorkPlay: Daniel Pemberton Special Feature

(rs) 2010-12-02 1812 Recordings: Desperate Romantics Title Music Recording Session Abbey Road

(v) 2009-04-07 Northern Ireland Music: Daniel Pemberton Q&A

(rs) 2007-06-27 1812 Recordings: Napoleon Scoring Session


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