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DECEMBER 28, 2017
USS CALLISTER soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow. Tracklist and samples have been added to the project's page. You can pre-order the album in various formats from Juno Download. The episode will premiere tomorrow on Netflix.

DECEMBER 21, 2017
You can now listen to ALL THE MONEY samples on the project's page. The score is now available on iTunes. (NOTE THAT US RELEASE IS CD-R ONLY WHILE PRESSED CD WILL BE AVAILABLE IN EU). Filmtrax will release MARK FELT CD on February 9.




DECEMBER 19, 2017
Daniel was hired to score upcoming heist comedy OCEAN'S 8 for director Gary Marshall. The women-centric spin-off (Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway or Cate Blanchett) of Soderbergh's trilogy will be released by Warner Bros on June 8th. 2018.

DECEMBER 09, 2017
Daniel Pemberton is currently working on his score for upcoming film adaptation of Fiona Evans' play SCARBOROUGH. The movie is directed by Barnaby Southcombe (who also wrote the screenplay) and is expected to be released in 2018.





DECEMBER 05, 2017 
Cover art and tracklist of upcoming ALL THE MONEY... soundtrack have been revealed. Netflix also released trailer and confirmed release date (December 29th) for BLACK MIRROR: U.S.S. CALLISTER. Click on images below for details.


NOVEMBER 30, 2017
Ridley Scott has finished reshoots of ALL THE MONEY and new trailer has already been released. You can also read an article featuring interview with Scott published by Entertainment Weekly. Sony Classical will release the CD on January 12th.





NOVEMBER 17, 2017
Daniel Pemberton has been recently visiting Los Angeles and participated in Hollywood Reporter's Composer Roundtable and was interviewed by Kaya Savas (Film Music Media). You can watch lengthy interview covering many different topics below:

NOVEMBER 09, 2017
After recent scandal involving Kevin Spacey it was decided that he will be replaced in ALL THE MONEY... by Christopher Plummer. Reshoots are expected soon. The movie won't be screened at AFI as planned but is expected to premiere on December 25th.





OCTOBER 29, 2017
Recording sessions for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD finished yesterday. In the meantime the score was nominated for HMMA for Best Original Score in a Feature Film. Check out twitter for some fairly unique stuff that will be featured in the score...

OCTOBER 20, 2017
Daniel Pemberton has began recording his score for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD at Abbey Road Studios yesterday. Follow the composer on twitter and you can also listen to first samples...





OCTOBER 07, 2017
Sony Music will release MOLLY'S GAME soundtrack. Both the movie as well as the soundtrack album have been delayed until January 5th. You can still pre-order the album from Amazon, although it won't ship until next year.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
FILMTRAX will release Daniel Pemberton's score for MARK FELT: THE MAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE. The album is available to download from
iTunes or Amazon. Click on the cover image for samples and release details.





SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
The revelation of the last mysterious project didn't take long as it is now confirmed that Daniel is reteaming with Ridley Scott and scoring his drama ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. The film will be released by Sony Pictures on December 8th.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017
A couple days ago Daniel began recording his new score in Sardinia. So far no specific project has been confirmed but the score will feature local group of tenors Su Tenore Santu Lussugliu. You can watch a little clip on Twitter .





SEPTEMBER 07, 2017
Daniel Pemberton has been announced as one of the composers working on the upcoming season of BLACK MIRROR scoring episode USS CALLISTER directed by Toby Haynes. Other composers as well as release dates are yet to be announced.

AUGUST 14, 2017
Daniel Pemberton recently discussed his score for KING ARTHUR with The Annotator. You can listen to the audio podcast below and discover more about the cues such as Growing up Londinium, Jackeye's Tale, The Born King and The Devil & The Huntsman.





JULY 23, 2017
Daniel returned to Prague to join forces with City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on his new score. The project is shrouded in mystery: "Prep for imminent old school big full orchestra record for something I have to keep my mouth shut about for a while.."

JULY 23, 2017
You can watch behind the scenes about Daniel Pemberton's score for KING ARTHUR on Youtube. The score is also shortlisted for upcoming World Soundtrack Awards in Public Choice category. You can find out more and vote here. Deadline is September 8th.





JULY 23, 2017
Soundtrack for KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD was also released on vinyl. The first 1000 copies will be available as a special numbered gold edition. More information available at Music on Vinyl website and the edition can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

JULY 23, 2017
The launch of the website. Still a lot more content to be added soon. In the meantime here is the first clip from upcoming MARK FELT: THE MAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE, which will be released by Sony Pictures Classics on September 29th.


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