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Globe Trekker  (1999)
release date: 1999
production company: WETA & Pilot Productions

Directed by Carl Hindmarch
Hosted by Justine Shapiro (S05E05) & Ian Wright (S05E11)

Music Composed and Recorded by Daniel Pemberton

Episodes Scored by Daniel Pemberton:
S05E05: Sydney City Guide
S05E11: Rio de Janeiro Guide

Globe Trekker (sometimes called Pilot Guides, and originally broadcast as Lonely Planet) is an adventure tourism television series produced by Pilot Productions. Each episode features a host, called a traveller, who travels with a camera crew to a country—often, a relatively exotic locale—and experiences the sights, sounds, and culture that the location has to offer. Special episodes feature in-depth city, beach, ape, nature, road trip, pilgrimage, slave trade, historic site, pirate, animal, dive, volcano, war, shopping, journey, history, festival, and food guides.The show often goes far beyond popular tourist destinations in order to give viewers a more authentic look at local culture.
Presenters usually participate in different aspects of regional life, such as attending a traditional wedding or visiting a mining community. They address the viewer directly, acting as tourists-turned-tour guides, but are also filmed interacting with locals and discovering interesting locations in (mostly) unrehearsed sequences. Globe Trekker also sometimes includes brief interviews with backpackers who share tips on independent travel in that particular country.
Globe Trekker was broadcast in over 40 countries across six continents. The program won over 20 international awards, including six American Cable Ace awards.





Total Time: 46:34 (score 7:10)

01. Ivory Wedding (Colin Winston-Fletcher) (3:03)
02. Carnival And Reprise (3:57)
03. Lazerus Blues (Jon Wygens) (3:41)
04. Heart Of Ethiopia (Jonathan Miles & Nina Miles) (3:57)
05. Valiha (Ian Ritchie) (3:51)
06. Cuban Rodeo (Mark Tayler) (2:53)
07. Forest Song (Amanda Kramer) (2:09)
08. Smithsonian (The Insects) (1:35)
09. Karkee (Colin Winston-Fletcher) (3:00)
10. Lost People (Ian Ritchie) (3:23)

11. Papquita (3:16)
12. Old Man Of Crete (Ian Ritchie) (2:14)
13. Sub-Aqua (Michael Conn) (2:25)
14. Hamar Girl (Jonathan Miles & Nina Miles) (1:06)
15. Don Strings (Colin Winston-Fletcher) (1:13)
16. Lahu (Jonathan Miles & Nina Miles) (1:16)
17. Yap Day Chant (Michael Conn) (3:31)







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