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Being the Ricardos  (2021)
release date: December 10th, 2021
production company: Amazon Studios, Escape Artists, Big Indie Pictures

Directed by Aaron Sorkin
Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin

Music Composed and Produced by Daniel Pemberton
Conducted by Matt Dunkley
Performed by Chamber Orchestra of London
Orchestrated by Benjamin Woodgates
Recorded and Mixed by Sam Okell
Recorded at The Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
Mixed at Okell Studios Cornwall, UK
Assistant Engineers Matt Jones & Wil Jones
Music Editor  Daniel Waldman
Orchestra Contracted by James Marangone
Preparation Jill Streater, Dan Boardman & Alex Gruz
Composer's Assistant Alex Gruz

In 1939, Lucy Ball is contracted to RKO Pictures. She gets small parts in big studio productions, but featured mainly in low budget films. She meets one of the film's cast, the charismatic 22-year-old Cuban singer Desi Arnaz and the two fall for each other instantaneously. Months after filming, they marry and buy a home in Hollywood. Desi has a successful stint fronting the Desi Arnaz Orchestra that tours around the country, while Lucy continues her film career with little success. In 1948, she is cast in the radio show "My Favorite Husband", which becomes a success. The show draws interest from CBS and Philip Morris, but Ball only agrees if Desi plays her on screen husband. By 1953, the show is renamed "I Love Lucy" and becomes a smash hit with nearly 60 million viewers each week. On the night of the live filming, a newspaper article deems Lucy a Communist. Lucy admits but Desi insists not to tell the truth. They are now facing a crisis that could end their careers and their marriage.





Total Time: 57:08

01. The Start of a Dream (0:50)
02. One Scary Week (3:40)
03. Technically I'm a Communist (2:32)
04. Desilu Studios Arrival (0:56)
05. Table for Four, Chairs for Three (1:12)
06. The Balcony (1:06)
07. They Killed All the Animals (1:54)
08. Too Many Girls (1:25)
09. Playing Ethel (0:42)
10. Lucy Can See It (3:11)
11. You Don't Come Home Anymore (1:05)
12. Eloped (0:39)
13. Mulholland (1:29)
14. Send It By Telegram (1:24)
15. Flowers in a Vase (1:06)
16. I Got the Part (1:04)
17. RKO Pictures (1:28)
18. Reading Scripts, Drunk (2:29)
19. It Needs to Be Fixed (1:44)
20. Save My Marriage (0:55)
21. Female Perspective (1:48)
22. A Priest, a Minister and a Rabbi (1:25)
23. Finding the Handkerchief (1:51)
24. Articulate (0:43)
25. Biggest Asset (1:55)
26. Television Offer (0:46)
27. The Evening Editions (4:52)
28. I Care About You (2:55)
29. The Star, Lucille Ball (2:38)
30. Roll Sound, Action (2:18)
31. The End of a Dream (5:06)







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